HSR Insider's ICYMI: Issue 033

Hallelujah! It’s Sunday.
Time for my favorite part of the week, ICYMI!!!

ICYMI ₊♡₊˚ 🍒・₊✧ ₊

  • I can’t remember the last time I had a Friday night at home with a glass of wine in one hand, a home cooked meal in the other and the opportunity to sit down and spill the tea on my life over the last week with my internet besties. My heart is happy so I hope yours is too when you read this Sunday night. ICYMI, I got a hand tattoo since we last chatted so to say it was a week I’ll never forget would be an understatement…

  • Power networking, meetings with top VCs, consumer brand presidents, a Liquid Death board member, and Serena Kerrigan’s birthday, I was absolutely SLIVING in the Big Apple. More below in my NYC HSR GUIDE.

  • Menty B: Burnout is a real thing folks and it’s important to talk about it. I may or may not have had 2 mini mental b’s this week once I got back. I have worked for 3 weeks straight traveling every single weekend for work which has taken a toll and my personal burn rate has been way too high. If you’re feeling similar, repeat after me…rest is productive.

  • Banker Boy is out. The Single Era is back in. I knew I needed to graduate and executed my exit strategy. I’ll save you the details for The HSR Show coming soonish but moral of the story, never settle and keep looking for your unicorn.

  • Things I loved about pop-culture and brands this week: Skims x Alex Cooper, Kris Jenner completely ignoring FTC guidelines, Walmart going luxury?!

  • My friends at Nudestix won a New Beauty Award this week for the best cream blush!! It’s so good and I’ve been using it for years, and apparently Kylie Jenner is using the products now too.

  • If you’re apart of the @hotsmartrich IG (my safe space), you’re the first to hear about 1:1 opps to chat, chat circles, merch teasers, and more. I’m so excited to host the first 3 chat circles over the next 2 weeks to get to talk to you 1:1 and hear what’s important to build into the future of our media empire (as we build it together).

  • April 15 is coming and you know what that means. If you haven’t filed your taxes already you need to get on it ASAP!! I’m proud to report that I’m actually ahead of the curve this year (thanks Katie) BUT if you’re looking for a FREE service to estimate your return and file for you, my friends at Cash App have you covered.

  • There’s a few big announcements coming soon, make sure you’re following me on LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok for the tea in different ways.

  • BESTIE’S DON’T FORGET TOMORROW IS APRIL 1 (April Fools) and Rent Day!! ICYMI, I’m now making points off of paying rent with BILT. I shared about BILT’s fundraising announcement in January and have been getting rewarded for paying rent ever since. Have you signed up yet? (And no, before you ask, this is not sponsored (yet… but manifesting!).

  • My absolute favorite spring sale is starting this week!!! As a Sephora Rouge member I’m going to be saving 20% starting April 5th on everything I need to stock up on (including my freckle pen)!

Trader Joe Mini Tote Bags are the New Stanley Cup; But Why?

Over the last few weeks, nothing has caused more of a consumption frenzy than the $2.99 Mini Trader Joe Tote Bags (not dissimilar to what we’ve seen with the Stanley Cup).

Its so fascinating when legacy brands introduce a new product that completely takes over our feeds, cultural zeitgeist and wallets… I want to know why!!! and how I can replicate this level of virality? This is something I’m still thinking through but it’s important to first understand the foundation that these legacy brands are built on.

The timing could not have been more perfect because I had just finished the book “Becoming Trader Joe” which breaks down the incredibly strong and long lasting brand that Trader Joe’s has been built on for the last ~56 years. All current and aspiring brand founders, marketing managers, and cultural consumers can learn something from this legacy brand today which is why I’m so excited to make it this month’s HSR Book Club read!

To be a part of the book club this month follow along with @hotsmartrich on Instagram where I’ll be checking in with you each week with my thoughts and get yours!!

If Becoming Trader Joe doesn’t feel like your speed for this month, I have SO many books on the HSR Bookshelf I would recommend digging into!

This Week’s Mood Board

NYC Recap, Travel Hacks & Fav’s

I had the best time in NYC!! I will never leave LA but it did feel so good to feel the cool air on my face this week. To say that NYC was busy would be an understatement but it also made me realize I need to be there MUCH more frequently and make the NY Standard East Village my second home. I’m sharing the beginnings of my NYC guide. Enjoy!

What I Wore

  • I had so much fun leaning into early spring fashion in NYC. I linked all of my outfit details on what I wore to day 1 and 3 of meetings (and yes I am so New York that I wore my heels right onto my flight out of EWR), my Sunday off duty look, and the look I wore to Serena Kerrigan’s birthday party. I also LOVED this outfit I wore to dinner on Monday night. If you want to know who I met with this week, I’m sharing that with my Founding Readers below!

Where I Ate (That’s Celiac Approved)

@ KATIE - let’s make this a banner!!!!

  • Fish Cheeks - Amazing thai lunch spot in Noho with a 10/10 flavor profile. They are allergy friendly with an entire gluten free menu and the Coconut Crab Curry was EVERYTHING.

  • Do Not Feed Alligators - Cute West Village Coffee Shop

  • Indochine - 10/10. Good for a hot date, night out with girlfriends or a work meeting. Must get the sea bass!

  • Cafe Cluny - Encountered a little bit of a rude server but other than that, cutest french cafe vibes in West Village.

  • Sarabeth’s - Great for a work lunch in midtown. Highly recommend the Power Bowl hold the goats cheese.

  • Ralph’s - I love the Upper East Side location to meet my friends for weekend coffees.

  • Pomme Palais - Great place to post up for multiple work coffees, back to back.

How to Get Back on Track When You Arrive Home

  • Remember, rest is productive. I laid in bed to rot for most of the day that I got back after being on the road for 3 weeks straight with no days off only leaving to engage in my Glow Up Post Travel Morning Routine.

Need to Catch Up?

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