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This Week’s Mantra: "The only place to find your strength is by being true to yourself." - Diane Von Furstenberg

This Week’s Quick Read: How Do You Make Good Stuff? Taste For Makers. Despite what you’ve been told, good design and taste are not subjective according to Paul Graham. In this 16-minute read, he explores and explains how to create good, beautiful things with 14 guidelines that I would *mostly* agree with.

This Week’s Best Podcast: I fangirl over e.l.f. Beauty, so I was delighted to stumble upon this 20-minute podcast where their CMO breaks down how they’ve become the highest-performing stock on the NYSE out of 1,615 companies, growing 1567% over the last 5 years. It’s short, sweet, and has real, tangible tips you can apply to your business today.

2 Questions to Ask Yourself This Week:

  • What would you do with 2 more hours a day?

  • What can you eliminate to make that a reality?

On Diane Von Furstenberg: After watching her documentary, I see her as an OG HSR girl. The way she presented herself as this very sexy, glamorous woman in stilettos was the exact opposite of how women in the 70s who wanted to be taken seriously and professionally were supposed to present. But let’s not forget this was at a time when women couldn’t even get a credit card or checking account without a husband or father to co-sign with them. She had to be incredibly tough and relentless in the face of resistance from men who wanted to deny her entrée into their world. She lived a man’s life in a woman’s body, and I encourage you all to watch her documentary to see where she succeeded and where we can learn from her mistakes.

This Week’s Mood Board

It feels like there’s a shift in the way the women (at least in my life and social media feed) are re-thinking how they spend their time and their definition of purpose. It seems inner peace is now being valued as the “new success”, health being the new wealth and happiness and joy being the new rich. Still the same ambition and need to be financially independent and secure but wanting to do it in a different way. I couldn’t help but take notice because I made this shift a while ago and started coining being the CEO of slow living in a fast paced world. But what a problem to tackle when we live in a hustle-culture, capitalist society where consumption drives value. When Lucky #3 sent me a short story from this author, I knew after reading I had to make July’s HSR book club read, “Slow Productivity” by Cal Newport. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Consumer News

♡ the brands, people, places, things that have captured my attention ♡

Dairy Boy’s first ready-to-wear launch post Wimbledon reveal - (from WWD)

Top online shopping categories of 2024 - (from Shopify)

Hally builds on its commitment to athlete partnerships with Olympian Leanne Wong - (from Glossy)

Unilever Ventures leads body care brand Luna Daily’s seed funding round - (from Beauty Independent)

Boldhue, a beauty tech startup with a ‘Keurig for makeup’ concept raises $3.37M seed - (from TradedVC)

After filing for bankruptcy, non-alcoholic beverage company Boisson has a new financial partner (from LinkedIn)

HSR Updates

♡ everything fun and exciting in the land of HSR ♡

Sydecar celebrates $1B in Assets under Administration!!

Maggie talks simplifying startups and investing on the Female Founders World podcast

Maggie’s PM windown routine was featured on The Skinny Confidential Newsletter this week! You can use MAGGIE15 for 15% off.

Locker held their first team offsite & opened their new office. Check out their vlog documenting the events!

De Soi is launching single cans in 1,400 Targets on July 7th through mid September. They also launched in 920 Publix locations during June resets with 4pks!

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