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♡ Founder Feature: This week, Bryony Deery, founder of Pilates and Wellness app Pilates by Bryony and Co-Founder of matcha brand, Cloudcha Matcha, Host of the newest Dear Media Show, Beyond the Mat and Dior Beauty’s newest Wellness Expert, is here to break down how she got her start, how she creates balance, how she makes difficult decisions at work, her pre-travel beauty secrets, her reset routine when she gets home and of course, her current Top 10! If you’re not familiar with Bryony, you’re going to fall in love with her after this interview. PS we’re making sure 2 of you have the chance to win a year’s subscription to her app, Pilates by Bryony (valued at £300+!!!) so make sure you enter this week’s giveaway down below.

♡ This Week’s Mantra: The most important things in life are invisible.

♡ 3 Questions to Ask Yourself this Week:
How are you, really?
Who in your life would mention your name in a room full of opportunities?
Who wouldn’t?

♡ This Week’s Success Hack: If you’re sending cold emails, try making the subject line play into your recipients ego.

♡ This Week’s Quote: “Creativity is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought.” - Albert Einstein

♡ Life Update: I’m one week into my breakup with the idea that working hard is always being behind my laptop between the hours of 9-5 (I’m actually writing this at 5:52AM), can’t be done in a bikini and has to be in an office/ corporate environment. I’ve never been happier, more productive, more organized, less anxious, more balanced, and clear headed with my new schedule. If you still haven’t answered the questions from a few weeks ago on your routine, it’s time to go back and take the time to take 1 step back to take 10 forward…
PS even the legend herself, Sara Blakely (Founder of Spanx) liked that I was working in a bikini yesterday to WFH…

This Week’s Mood Board

Dior Beauty’s Newest Wellness Expert  
Bryony Deery

Hey guys! ♡

I’m Byrony Deery the Founder of Pilates By Byrony and Co Founder of matcha brand Cloudcha Matcha. I discovered my love for Pilates through healing my body after a car accident and then again after being diagnosed with arthritis. I now feel better, more energized and happier than ever and I can honestly say it’s all because of my wellness habits and routines. I’m a big believer in movement as medicine and I love sharing a life hack if it can help someone in anyway!

MS: You’ve started 2 incredibly successful businesses and you just released your podcast “Beyond the Mat,” with Dear Media. What are your top 3 calendar management tips to balance everything, including prioritizing your relationship, travel, and mental health?!

BD: Thank you! I’d say now more than ever before I really “live” in my calendar. Everything is in there, from my workouts to a coffee with a friend, to a walk or meeting. I work best with structure and it weirdly makes me feel more free. When traveling, I love to use the app time shifter to help avoid as much jet lag as possible and get into the swing of things asap. I’ve also noticed I’m much better off scheduling all of my meetings in the afternoon so I can collect all of my thoughts and tick through my own to do list in the morning. I recently discovered the power of time batching, and wow it’s a game changer! I give myself power hours for specific tasks and am able to get rid of all other distractions during that time to get whatever is needed done.

MS: All of your ventures are very different types of businesses, but were there any similar steps you took to start all three?

BD: I guess you can say the common threads between Pilates By Byrony and Cloucha Matcha are that I truly believe in the health benefits of both, so it felt like the two businesses were born from an extension of my own life. The idea for my latest venture, my “Beyond the Mat” podcast, actually came from conversations on the mat with clients. It’s funny because somehow I ended up with clients who are all incredibly inspiring entrepreneurs, experts, and teachers. I thought to myself these stories need to be documented and shared!

MS: Can you walk us through your thought process when you have to make a difficult decision at work?

BD: It always varies for me. This is probably not advised, but my team is like one big family, quite literally since my dad and my mum work in the business too, and the ones that aren’t family feel like they are. It’s important to me that we are all super close so taking the emotion out of work situations so we can resolve problems and move fast is imperative. I’m a very calm person so I always try to think of a solution rather than dwelling on the problem and wasting too much time.

MS: You just released your Travel Series, do you have any pre-travel beauty secrets in an effort to be low maintenance while you’re away?

BD: I love a spray tan and I always get a professional express Bondi Sands tan done before a trip. It develops in 2-3 hours and the color is so good! I also always do an eyebrow tint and BIAB nails - it makes them so strong and last literally forever. I always see my skin guru, Pandora Long, for a pre-flight facial too she’s a must if you can get in with her when you are in London.

MS: What is your reset routine to get on track once you’re home?

BD: I always have a reset day when I get back home. A long walk through Hyde park with my mum (she’s the most calming energy), an infrared sauna, ice bath, lymphatic drainage massage, epsom salt bath, and hair wash. I also cannot wait to make my own food so I’ll do a big, healthy food shop when I’m home to then do lots of home cooking.

MS: What is one book, podcast, and mantra living rent free in your head that has greatly impacted the success of your business,

BD: Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway. This book changed my life. It gave me the courage and confidence to take risks, to go through fear and set myself daily challenges.

I love The Skinny Confidential and Lauryn is the reason I stared my own podcast. After our episode together she said “you’ve got to do your own!”

My family motto is “what’s for you won’t go by you” and I always go back to it, basic but so true.

MS: Where can our audience go to get more Byrony!

BD: We’d love to give away two annual memberships to Pilates by Byrony! Tag a friend and comment in my latest post @bryonydeery, and follow both @bryonydeery and @pilatesbybyrony for a chance to win!

Bryony Deery’s Current Top 10

Shop Everything Here:
My current pilates challenge BYOB - bring your own band | Cloucha Matcha! | Casa Maca in Ibiza | Koatji milk | Eterne basics | Arrae supplements | | Ru and Rocka travel sweats | Dior Beauty liquid blush | Heaven Mayhem earrings all summer long | The Skinny Confidential ice roller 

Consumer News

♡ the brands, people, places, things that have captured my attention ♡

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HSR Ventures Portfolio Updates

Goop Kitchen launches De Soi apertif
Nudestix launches in France at Galeries Lafayette
Locker rolls out innovative partnership with De Soi
Locker launches the trending tab, a FYP for personal shopping (in beta)

Trust Your Instincts: Consumer Economy

ICYL* my TikTok this week about BeReal’s sale, that I posted almost exactly 2 years later from the day I got dragged online for saying it wasn’t a good investment, this report on the consumer economy by Forerunner is another great read that talks about the power of consumer brands. Trust your instincts, trust your buying behavior. Women control 85% of consumer spend, we know what the consumer wants…
*(in case you loved)

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