My Biggest Affirmation in 2024

This is why I no longer care to get dragged on Twitter for calling myself and my community “HOT SMART AND RICH". Here's the backstory.

Six months ago, Taylor Long, CEO of Nomads Swimwear, posted a TikTok and asked me to rate her a16z Talent x Opportunity Accelerator Demo Day Pitch in front of my growing digital community. 

It’s rare people want feedback in public, but I was so flattered that she wanted my opinion so I ended up responding with a feedback video with what I liked, loved, and what I thought she could adjust to make her pitch even stronger for future investors. 

Fast forward to January and Taylor posted another video saying she had worked in my feedback and ended up getting selected to pitch at the StartUpOS x SVB Art Basel Pitch Competition in December. Not only was she selected to pitch, but Taylor ended up coming in 2nd place and winning $12,000 for her business. 

This story isn't just about Taylor’s success or to stroke my ego; it's about the power of community, of building in public and the fearlessness that comes with trying new things. Taylor's journey is an example of the incredible potential and power within each member of the HSR Insider community.

The community around me is reason I'm doing what I'm doing and the ability to help and empower women through so many aspects of their life - business, career, entrepreneurship, relationships, love and yes, even sex - is what fills up my cup every single day.

I’ve been so inspired by Taylor’s success that I want to continue giving other founders the opportunity to hear my feedback and have decided to turn this into a consistent series on TikTok. If you're a founder looking for feedback on your pitch, post a video of your pitch on TikTok, tag me, and use the hashtag #ratemyhsrpitch. Each month, I'll select one submission to provide personalized feedback on TikTok. Who knows? Maybe you could be the next Taylor or you might even get an angel check from me or HSR Ventures.

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