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The HSR 50-20-20-10 Budget Planner

The HSR 50-20-20-10 Budget Planner

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Welcome to the HSR 50-20-20-10 Budget Planner! This budget planner will help you apply The HSR 50-20-20-10 Method to your finances! 

It does not include The HSR 50-20-20-10 Method workbook that helps you to understand your needs and saves, make smart choices about your desires, and set goals to invest in yourself! 

What's Included

The HSR 50-20-20-10 Budget Planner. The budget planner includes:

  • A sheet to import your goals
  • A summary that auto-calculates your monthly financial position
  • A deep dive into your: income, assets, debt, spending categories, credit card/bank statements, and non-recurring costs
  • A auto-calculated review of your current spending
  • A sheet to adjust your current spending to The HSR 50-20-20-10 Method

This product DOES NOT include The HSR 50-20-20-10 Method Workbook

You Will Need

  • A Free Google account

Who This Budget Planner For

  • An ambitious person who wants to take their financial freedom to the next level by unlocking a sense of control and growth over their finances and personal and professional development
  • Is willing to make a smaller financial investment in themself in order to apply The HSR 50-20-20-10 Method to their finances

The Fine Print

  • This is an instant download, digital product. No physical product will be shipped to you.
  • Under United States and worldwide copyright laws, this worksheet, including all worksheets and associated content, is a copyrighted work and the property of Creative MES LLC (d/b/a Hot Smart Rich).
  • This workbook and planner may not be copied or modified and uploaded to any website or online template gallery. Do not share it with anyone.
  • The numbers sampled in this planner are hypothetical and are not real. Remember to add in your own spending and the formulas will calculate to the best of their abilities to establish a budget. If the formulas are not working or you're getting an error, please email us at
  • Any brands/products/names mentioned in our workbook are for informational purposes only and do not imply or constitute any official endorsement of any third party’s products or services.
  • Do not rely solely on The HSR 50-20-20-10 Method for life or financial advice or recommendations. Absolutely none of the suggestions are to be considered legal, investment, or tax advice. We are not a financial advisory company. Please remember this and check in with an IRL financial advisor if you feel you need to. Remember that investing is never without risk! It's true what they say, the best investment you could make, is in yourself.
  • This product is designed for use exclusively with Google Sheets.
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