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Time for my favorite part of the week, ICYMI!!!

ICYMI ₊♡₊˚ 🍒・₊✧ ₊

  • This Week’s Mantra: You can’t rush something that’s meant to last forever.

  • This Week’s Affirmation: I learn the way, on the way.

  • 3 Questions To Ask Yourself This Week:

    • How do your routines help you?

    • How do your routines limit you?

    • What is one thing you can do to add spontaneity into your daily routine?

  • This Week’s Brand Obsession: Hermès. It’s been a humbling, character building exercise as I struggle to get my first Hermès Bag. I’ve become a bit fascinated with Hermès as a business, and it turns out so has Wall Street. See the graphic below on how (yet again) women, maternity, and babies are to thank for the most coveted handbags in the world plus some other interesting facts I loved learning about Hermès.

  • This Week’s Podcast: When I say Wall Street is obsessed with Hermès, it’s probably because it defies all the rules of basic economics AND was just featured as February’s 4-hour Acquired Episode, which if you’re not familiar is the podcast that “All the Smartest People in the Room are Listening to” (as stated by the Wall Street Journal).

  • On Life’s Purpose: I posted a trending sound on TikTok this past week which was intended to be playful and fun but it got me thinking about how true the statement actually is. In the US (and Canada), we’re so bought into hustle culture, individual success and the mentality that in order to be successful, you need to grind 24/7… let’s call this “living to work” but after almost a month in Europe being incredibly productive, inspired and creative (minus the week I couldn’t move from a scary sickness) I’ve felt this sense that I can achieve the same level of success whilst I “work to live” and I’m going to do everything I can to carry that when I return to the US later this week…

  • On Routines: Reflecting on my time so far in Europe, I’ve found great inspiration in the company of someone I’ve been spending a lot of time with here, whom I’ll refer to as Lucky #3… (for now!) Unintentionally, Lucky #3 has been pivotal in prompting me to reevaluate my routines simply by leading by example. It’s revealed the biases I’ve held about routines and guided me in adjusting them (without even knowing he has). Old Maggie = get up everyday at 5 am, driven by the notion that this is what “successful people do,” regardless of how much sleep I had. The new, refreshed Maggie prioritizes ~8 hours of sleep, waking whenever that goal is met—whether it’s 6 am, 7 am, or even 8 am—understanding that a well-rested mind is far more productive throughout the day. Can you identify any areas in your own routine that might benefit from a similar review?

  • On This Week’s Schedule: I’ll be back in Paris and you’ll soon find out how and why… it’s amazing and I’m so excited because you can steal this travel hack yourself too…!

This Week’s Mood Board

How Brands Can Create Content That Converts

With algorithms constantly changing, 2024 is shaping up to be an incredibly challenging year for early-stage founders, social media managers, and marketers in terms of creating content that hits and converts.

To help you, the social media scientists at Dash Hudson have released their latest Cross-Channel Benchmark Report where they analyzed the activity of over 4,700 brands across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube during the first half of 2024 to reveal crucial content strategy trends you need to know to set yourself up for success during Q4.

Check out the report to discover:

  • How to leverage the strengths of each platform for maximum impact

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  • How to utilize niche communities to boost brand presence 🌐

  • How to leverage creators and celebrities in amplifying engagement 📣

The FREE 20-page benchmark report is packed with valuable insights and actionable tips to help you optimize your content strategy, based on real-world data.

I just checked out the full report and am sending it to all my HSR Ventures portfolio companies. Seriously, it’s worth downloading now. 👇

Consumer News

♡ the brands, people, places, things that have captured my attention ♡

Bad news for Poppi heads - (from The Cut)

U Beauty taps Tinx for its product collaboration - (from Glossy)

Why Padel is luxury’s new favorite sport - (from BoF)

Fashion firm Shein to file 50 billion pound London IPO - (from Reuters)

MrBeast hires venture capitalist Housenbold as president - (from Businessnc)

AI and influencers are invading social feeds - (from Business Insider)

Béis is rebranding the Airport Dad - (from Glossy)

Estée Lauder completes acquires Deciem for $1.7B - (from Glossy)

Outdoor Voices finds new owner after near-bankruptcy - (from BoF)

Paris HSR Travel Guide: The Not Your First Time Edition

You won’t find the Louvre, Eiffel Tower or GiGi’s on this list because you can find that elsewhere. This is my personal HSR collection of favorite spots that you may or may not have heard of.

PS. If you’re wondering where I stayed in Paris after I shared this video, I’m sharing the link HERE! I was the first to stay here (which can sometimes be a gamble) but it ended up getting me a discounted rate which is a serious HSR Rich Girl hack!

My Most Worn Items In Paris


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