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ICYMI ₊♡₊˚ 🍒・₊✧ ₊

  • Trip Update: Hi! I missed you guys SO much. I needed the week off and I was barely online, let alone on my phone (except to take 2,485 photos) and it felt so good. I was so excited to make this edition super long and detailed BUT unfortunately, I’ve been fighting a horrible virus the last 48 hours in Paris. I’ve done what I can but expect next week’s to be our big catch up including a full travel guide to the SOF and Paris <3

  • This Week’s Mantra: Feel the fear and go all in anyway.

  • This Week’s Questions:

    • What do you yearn for and what do you want? Do you know the difference?

    • If you could go back and tell your 7 year old self one thing, what would it be?

  • This Year’s Hypothesis: In honor of finishing “Think Again” by Adam Grant… I’m dedicating this year to thinking like a scientist. In years past, I’ve put such a big emphasis on the “big successes” I’ve wanted to achieve, but this year, I’m hypothesizing that how I live my life every single day and who I surround myself with will make me happier than any kind of “big success” I will achieve…

  • June’s HSR Bookclub Book: I’m so excited to share that this month’s bookclub read is Excessively Obsessed by Natasha Oakley. More to come in next week’s edition…

  • This Week’s Challenge: Post every single day on IG for at least 7 days

  • Cash Poor, Equity Rich: The Cash Poor, Equity Rich hats are officially back in stock and ready for your Hot Smart Rich Girl Summer! You already sold out of 60% of the 2nd round of inventory… I’m shook. Thank you. All of your pre-orders have been shipped out. I can’t wait to see you wearing them so tag me 🙂 

  • HSR Portfolio Highlights: De Soi is hiring for an operations manager, and Taylor Frankel shared her thought on 10 year of NUDESTIX! Speaking of… I got ready for a very famous London sporting event in the back of an Uber using Nudestix, if you haven’t seen it, I recommend checking it out here for a good laugh…

  • STYLING: So many questions about clothes… and I have amazing news. My stylist, Justine Logue, just launched The Catalogue, the first shopping/styling $10 subscription that gives everyone access to a celebrity stylist. The subscription offers over 150 pre-styled virtual outfits per month plus additional styling and shopping services. AND with code HSR, you get a month free 🙂. Justine helped me put together amazing looks for my trip to Europe and you can find most of the pieces HERE.


This Week’s Mood Board

Consumer News

♡ the brands, people, places, things that have captured my attention ♡

Kiehl’s starts selling on Amazon — (from WWD)

Gap raises full year forecast and Zac Posen bets on celebrities to revive the brand — (from WWD & Vogue Business Instagram)

The flat lay is back — (from Glossy)

DTC Briefing: Startups are pursuing a mix of credit and equity amid fractures in funding — (from Modern Retail)

The fight for influencer marketing dollars heats up with a lawsuit — (from BoF)

96% of Ulta’s sales run through their loyalty program — BoF Case study on loyalty — (from BoF)

Abercrombie’s stock surges 24% as they capitalized on “wedding weeks” — (from CNBC)

Golden Goose sells $500 dirty sneakers — they’re raising €100M in an IPO — (from WSJ)

L Catterton leads $40M Series A investment for Squared Circles — (from PR Newswire)

The Secret AI Tool That Will Save DTC Brands

In the last few weeks, I’ve broken down the business of Alo Yoga and why I think they, and so many consumer brands, are struggling with eCommerce revenue growth.

As an investor, I’ve been hyper-focused on brands that have nailed their ideal customer profile (more on this this week for paid subscribers), have strong repeat purchase rates, and are growing profitably. Figuring out how to do that is harder than ever with the current digital marketing landscape and consumer sentiment, but I have a solution.

So what do all of these DTC apparel brands have in common? They’re all using Black Crow AI, an AI and machine learning tool, that enables them to:

  • Generate 40% more revenue from welcome & abandonment flows

  • Increase email & SMS list growth by 15% from the predictive offer popup

  • Improve storefront conversion rate by 60%

  • Turn the ~80% of first time customers who never make a second purchase into repeat customers

The best part is, Black Crow is already built for your Shopify tech stack and can be implemented with 1 click.

This week I read a crazy stat — 60% of GenZs and Millennials are planning to travel this summer and over 42% of them plan to use debt to pay for it…

I’m all for the education of travel and I believe you can afford to do anything (not everything) you want to as long as you understand your desires and goals and spend accordingly and the secret is in my HSR 50/20/20/10 Method. My $22.22 Budget Planner is less expensive than a plane ticket but if you use it, you'll be able to go anywhere you want! Summer is expensive but you can afford it as long as you plan ahead.

PS. If you’re planning a trip you might not have to go very far, because according to Architectural Digest, the US is the best country for travel.

This Week’s Top 10

Rumored Red Dress (that I wore to the Leeds match and on a flight back to Nice) | my HSR Gua Sha | Dorsey tennis necklace (its $800) and tennis bracelet (its less than $500) | SKATIE bikini (that I wore in the south of France) | Sezane skirt and St Agni Bon Bon Mini bag | LAUD trench and Heaven Mayhem belt | DISSH vest and pants | AUREUM sunnies (you can use code HSR20) or these Amazon sunnies are $13 | Nasty Gal vest and Chanel bag (this one is $1,000 off right now) | LAUD skirt and Dorsey necklace

TYSM, I♡U!!!!

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