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  • Founder Feature: This week, Lauryn Bosstick, founder of The Skinny Confidential, and co-host of The Him & Her Show, is joining us to break down her travel productivity tips, the top 10 beauty favs she doesn’t leave home without, how she habit stacks, and what she listens to while traveling.

  • This Week’s Mantra: “The only thing you’ll lose by being vulnerable and real, is something fake or temporary.” - Anonymous

  • This Week’s Question: How much time do you spend on bullshit?

  • This Week’s Essay: Life is Short by Paul Graham. I lost someone close to me 13 years ago and this past week was his birthday. I read this essay every year around the anniversary of his death and it helps remind me to “cultivate a habit of impatience about the things I most want to do” instead of focusing on bullshit.

  • Success Hack: Never leave a meeting without asking what happens next.

  • This Week’s Life Lesson: My therapist gave me an exercise to bring to therapy this week that changed my perspective on life. “Write down a list of things you’ve regretted doing that keeps you up at night.” The following week, when he asked me what I had written down, I answered, “I couldn’t think of anything to write down because the only things I regret are the things that never happened, the words I never said, the photos I didn’t post, the trips I didn’t take.” Without him saying anything, I realized I’d rather have to evolve from the repercussions of wrong decisions than regret what could have been. Taking action, no matter how small, even if it leads to mistakes, is far better than living with the constant question of "what if" because what if everything works out better than I imagined?

  • Travel Principle: Tomorrow I fly to London and will be in Europe for a few weeks to have fun, celebrate my birthday and be creative. If you’ve been following HSR since last year, you know I did a week of “no calls” to take a step back, and I ended up clearing my head and schedule to help me take a huge step forward. I’m excited to replicate that this year. I’m going to try to tap into the most creative side of myself and embrace true soft living, but if you have any suggestions for London or Paris, I’m all ears.

This Week’s Mood Board

Lauryn Bosstick’s
Travel Productivity Routine

Hi HSR! Nice to meet you

I’m Lauryn Bosstick, founder of The Skinny Confidential - a show and preventative beauty and wellness brand. I am an author of two books, a wife and a mom to two kids. The Skinny Confidential started as a blog 13 years ago and has evolved into a major resource. The product line is focused on rituals and routines and on The HIM & HER Show we speak to high performers who share their stories and tips when it comes to life, business, relationships, sex, supplements- nothing is off limits. It’s a wild ride.

MS: Lauryn, I’m about to go away for a few weeks but need to remain productive and focused…help!

LB: We travel often for work and I’ve found what works really well is to have a routine, but one that’s different from my routine at home to keep things fresh. During travel, I’m not as regimented, but I still make sure to plan out the day (in a Smythson notebook (currently 50% off!) or Moleskin - (at home I use The Skinny Confidential planner). Moving my body at the hotel gym or going for a walk, meditating and skincare are quick, easy non-negotiables.

MS: It’s not quite a deserted island, but I can only bring a few makeup / beauty essentials… what are your Top 10?

LB: In my travel makeup bag you’ll always find Rare Beauty mascara, Lawless Juicy Watermelon lip mask, The Skinny Confidential Mint Roller, chilled VREA eye masks or Barefaced reusable eye masks, an energizing mist (love Yina) and The Skinny Confidential pink Mouth Tape. Yes, I tape my mouth every night because nasal breathing gives you so much energy upon waking and beauty benefits while you sleep (hello jaw line).

My TSC Ice Roller comes everywhere. Bonus points if you put your ice roller in a hotel ice bucket and order a side of olive oil from room service to remove makeup and cleanse the face. Works like a charm.

MS: You’re one of those women who seemingly does it all, how do you take time for you to become the hottest, smartest, richest version of yourself?

LB: Small habits lead to big changes over time, so when I travel, it seems counterproductive to throw it all out the window. Stick to the basics with morning sunlight, movement, meditation, reading, and skincare. These things physically contribute to my mental state and clarity, and count as self-care so I can focus on work when it’s time to work, and my kids when it’s time to be a present mom.

If we’re traveling for work we are booked SOLID. So I like to give myself grace to go with the flow AND maybe visit a new spa for a facial here and there. I like the sprint of busting my ass and coming home to Austin to have more space and clarity. The juxtaposition works well for our life.

MS: Favorite podcasts for the flight, exploring a new city, or getting a good nights sleep in an unfamiliar place?

LB: Ed Mylett is always inspiring and I also love Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness. No matter what, I try to listen to something educational or uplifting whether I’m traveling or at home. Sometimes that’s an audible book, Melissa Wood-Tepperberg’s meditations or Mimi Bouchard’s activations. Louise Hay though? Every night. Her evening wind down is life-changing if you’re looking to level up your life.

MS: Okay, where can people go to get more stuff like this, Lauryn!

The Skinny Confidential product: https://shopskinnyconfidential.com/
My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurynbosstick/
Newsletter signup: https://skinnyconfidential.attn.tv/p/lUz/landing-page

You can save 15% off all TSC products with code MAGGIE15

This Week’s Top 10
The Lauryn Bosstick HSR Edition

1. Smythson notebook | 2. TSC Hot Minute Planner | 3. Rare Beauty mascara | 4. Lawless Juicy Watermelon lip mask | 5. The Skinny Confidential Mint Roller | 6. VREA eye masks or Barefaced reusable eye masks | 7. Yina energizing mist | 8. The Skinny Confidential pink Mouth Tape | 9. The Skinny Confidential Ice Roller | 10. Mimi Bouchard: Superhuman App

PS - you can save 15% off all TSC products with code MAGGIE15 ♡

Brands That Clapped Back This Week

Online feuds continued this week. These are my two favorite brands who took a stand and called out things that are just wrong.

Consumer News

♡ the brands, people, places, things that have captured my attention ♡

Mr Beast breaks up with his talent team!!!! 
Holy…I have SO many thoughts.

Chriselle Lim’s fragrance brand, Pluhr, names new CEO and CMO (and they’re both women)

Brands continue to lean into the racing aesthetic

Skims unveiled a star-studded underwear campaign to celebrate its WNBA partnership

Goldman Sachs estimates the creator economy is currently a $250 billion market

Rhode is definitely launching blushes

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