HSR ICYMI: The anti-anxiety edition

Time for my favorite part of the week, ICYMI!!!

ICYMI ₊♡₊˚ 🍒・₊✧ ₊

  • This Week’s Mantra: How you live affects how long you live.

  • This Week’s Question: If it could speak, what would your body tell you about your life?

  • This Week’s Podcast: As you know by now, I have anxiety and this Tim Ferriss episode with Oprah’s life coach Dr. Martha Beck really changed my perspective on how to naturally manage it. Dr. Martha Beck, otherwise known as “the best-known life coach in America,” shares that the cure for anxiety is not calmness; it’s creativity. The most profound line for me in the 2.5-hour episode was the mindset shift of “if something scares you, and you try to control it—you’re met with anxiety, but if you get curious and your mind is open with no presumptions, you get creativity.”

  • 4 Questions To Ask Yourself Daily:

    • Does this align with the life I want to live?

    • Is this person raising my energy or draining me?

    • Do I like my authentic self around this person?

    • Is this the best use of my time?

  • Writing Will Change Everything In a Year: Last year around this time was the start of the end of my engagement, and as I reflect on the past year, I’m really proud! But it was really, really hard. People always ask me how I was able to get through it all while building HSR, and the answer is more simple than it seems. It was/is writing and visually seeing exactly what I want (and deserve) every single day. Some days I cried onto the paper, and when I look back at an entry, I can see my actual tear marks. Other days, I’m writing in the future tense as if I already have everything I am manifesting for myself. For example, I wrote down everything I wanted to do at the beginning of the year, kept adding to the mood board I created for my vision board, including my Europe trip, and here we are writing this from London, six months later. Writing brings intention to your future, and intention brings your desired future into reality.

  • Travel Principle: As I write this, I’m in London visiting one of my closest friends, but by the time you read this, I’ll have been to Monaco for F1, back to London for a Leeds FC game, and then back to the South of France all within a 24-hour period. They say overthinking kills magic, and while you might not believe in the type of magic like Harry Potter or Santa Claus, in my opinion, magic is just adult intuition. It’s listening to your gut, taking out the ration or reason to decisions, and just going with it. They say travel is like education, and a huge travel principle I have (when 85% of my life is structured and set back home in LA) is to plan 50% of everything ahead of time and leave 50% to spontaneity/fate. And because I’m packing for so many different events/temperatures, I posted all my travel packing hacks in the caption of this IG reels (which my team is begging me to use more of).

This Week’s Mood Board

How Are Startups Using AI?

2024 is gearing up to be most transformative yet when it comes to founders and operators incorporating AI into their startups. But it can be overwhelming to know where to start.

To make things simpler, the data scientists at Hub Spot did some research for you, and it’s free!

Their latest trend report looked at more than 1,000 top founders to reveal the AI strategies you’ll want to know about as you’re building across marketing, sales, and customer service.

Read their report to learn:

  • Where AI is most impactful in marketing

  • How AI is leading to significant growth

  • The biggest hurdles to adopting AI and how to overcome them

  • The smartest way to incorporate AI into hiring

The FREE 36-page trends report is full of smart insights and actionable tips to help optimize your AI strategy within GTM, based on real-world data.

I just read the full report and am sending it to all of my HSR Ventures Founders. Seriously, it’s worth downloading👇.

Consumer News

♡ the brands, people, places, things that have captured my attention ♡

Hims & Hers rolls out Ozempic and Wegovy dupes at 85% off….and you could be eligible 
(from Fox Business)

E.l.f. Beauty surpasses $1 Billion in annual sales
(from BoF)

The BOF shared Volume 2 of The BoF Brand Magic Index and Dior is still on top
(on the BoF Instagram)

Hannah Beals is in, a new SHE-EO alert at OUAI
(from WWD)

Grace Coddington is Merit’s newest face — why older women are the key to the brand’s success
(from Glossy)

Bumble buys community building app Geneva to expand further into friendships
(from Tech Crunch)

How VCs are using podcasts to lure in founders
(from Vanity Fair)

My Jewelry Stack

After I posted this photo on my IG stories, SO many of you asked for my jewelry stack details. A lot of it is from Dorsey and they have the best stuff! PS. my sunglasses are from Aureum and are 30% off until Monday for their Memorial Day sale!

My Top 10 Long Flight HSR Essentials

Between LAX and London, I spent 13+ hours on a plane this week. These are my top 10 must haves for a long-haul flight:

1.Chomps | 2. a massive reusable water bottle | 3. a blank journal and pen to doodle and write | 4. cure watermelon hydration packs | 5. a loaded HSR podcast playlist | 5. my audio adderall noise cancelling headphones (and HSR stickers) | 6. a book (I’m reading Think Again) | 7. a portable charger | 8. Garnier micellar water to remove makeup | 9. the saje sleep well roll on | 10. TSC mouth tape (use MAGGIE15 for 15% off)

TYSM, I♡U!!!!

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