HSR Insider's ICYMI: Issue 035

Hallelujah! It’s Sunday.
Time for my favorite part of the week, ICYMI!!!

ICYMI ₊♡₊˚ 🍒・₊✧ ₊

  • ICYMI, mostly in numbers: I took the most important photo of my life this week…, shared my go-to Erewhon order that directly contributes to their $171.4M profit, shared the BTS of how we’re designing HSR merch, spoke to 10 founders at the Dream Ventures accelerator, spent a lot of time with one man that has really captured my attention, had 10 in-person meetings (which was WAY more than normal but there’s a lot of exciting stuff in the works), slept only 5 hours a night on average, walked 22,000 steps a day and completed my 7 day HSR Build method. I had SO MANY in-person meetings which was a bit derailing but incredibly important and I also responded to the rest of the AMAs on Instagram.

  • New Things I Tried and Loved: Burn Brentwood (if you’re looking for a HARDAF workout class, this is for you), Black Orchid by Tom Ford (this is the smell of a maneater according to the Sephora rep who sold it to me), 90’s hiphop on repeat (influenced by the guy mentioned above ^), and

  • A Lesson in Virality: Almost 200,000 people have watched this video in the last 4 days and the t-shirt I wore in it had people in a chokehold. So what made it so popular? I’m sharing why with all the Founding HSR Readers below. If you’re an intentional consumer and have a list of things on your desires that you want to stock up on, tomorrow is your last day to shop the Sephora sale!!

  • Things I loved about pop-culture and brands this week: the women’s Iowa State Final Four game is the most-watched basketball game ever, shattering records. Puig, parent company of Byredo, Charlotte Tilbury, and Dr. Barbara Sturm, is looking to raise €2.5B in an IPO. And the #1 skill young people need to learn is not AI… and the answer might shock you.

  • PCOS Girlies: Allara published a groundbreaking study this week and it is finally making me feel understood! A shocking 72 percent of women reported that PCOS adversely affected the quality of their work, with 51 percent feeling held back in their careers due to it.

    • Speaking of Allara, there were so many amazing responses to the story of them searching for a copywriter, please email jessica@allarahealth.com to follow up and get in touch to formally apply.

  • HSR portfolio companies making headlines and hiring roles: Sam Coxe was featured in Inc. Magazine talking about how a trip to the dentist and 12 cavities launched Flaus, Sabeena and Deux launched donuts nationwide in Sprouts and Wholefoods, and Katy Perry and Morgan McLachlan talked about how they cracked the non-alc code!! Sabeena is also looking for a Director of Finance at Deux!! This is literally a dream job (@katie sellers, you are not allowed to apply and leave me to run HSR by myself…)

  • Masters Sunday: ICYMI, this weekend was the Super Bowl of golf. The Masters is a masterclass in The HSR Brand Marketing Principles, using exclusivity and scarcity to drive demand. There is less than a 1% chance of getting a ticket to the event, even if you know all the right people. Plus they generate $70M in merch sales in less than 7 days, or $1M an hour, with the tournament grounds being the only place on earth you can buy their products.

This Week’s Mood Board

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HSR Bookclub Meeting

It’s made me SO happy seeing all of the book stacks with Becoming Trader Joe that I’ve been tagged in on Instagram this week!!

Based on all of your feedback last week, I am going to be hosting our first virtual HSR Book Club meeting on Tuesday, April 30 at 830 PM ET/530 PM PT!

I’ll be sharing my major insights, thoughts, and takeaways on how you can be applying Becoming Trader Joe to your life to be hot smart rich!

I’d love for you to join me! By becoming a Founding Reader of ICYMI below, you’ll secure your spot to our first meeting.

The Founding Readers are getting the first look at the questions for the book club in this week’s ICYMI. The questions will be live on the @hotsmartrich Instagram later tonight.

TYSM, I♡U!!!!

To enter this week's giveaway from Deux(!!!!!), comment on this post with a 🎀emoji and the one piece of merch you want this summer (hat, sweater, small tote bag (like the viral trader joes one), or a baby doll tee)!! Unlimited entries count!

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