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Hallelujah! It’s Sunday.
Time for my favorite part of the week, ICYMI!!!

ICYMI ₊♡₊˚ 🍒・₊✧ ₊

  • Cash Poor, Equity Rich: You asked and we delivered!! The HSR Cash Poor, Equity Rich hats are officially available for a limited edition pre-order after selling out! This link is special for my newsletter besties that you can use until 11 AM PT tomorrow when we’re going to open it up for everyone!! There’s only a certain amount we’re letting do pre-order at this price so make sure you pre-order your hat tonight because we’re never bringing it back at this price again.

  • New Things I Tried and Loved: TTPD has been on repeat and I’ve experienced some real healing from it already. I had some serious breakthroughs this week after I opened up my business to someone I trust (my challenge network). I did a tarot card reading with a psychic for the first time and it was shockingly accurate!! I’m rationing my Skinny Confidential mouth tape because it’s that good. I’m loving the Maybelline Surreal mascara, FUTUREWISE Slug Balm, and the Dirty Labs detergents. I’ve been surviving on Gorgie energy drinks (love the blue and watermelon). I’ve been using the Rode mics for some content and love their sound! I’ve been loving @laurenmaile for summer style inspo! I tried outsourcing editing of some videos, which has been a huge relief. I generally spend hours every day editing content and have been wearing my Gabriel + Simone blue light glasses to protect my eyes. My personalized Stoney Clover bag has been my go to bag

  • Book Club Meeting: ICYMI, I announced our first HSR Book Club meeting last week and shared the first set of questions! I’d love for you to join me to discuss Becoming Trader Joe! By becoming a Founding Reader of ICYMI below, you’ll find the invitation to our first meeting on Tuesday April 30 at 830PM ET/530PM PT. When you subscribe, you can refer back to last week’s newsletter for the questions!

  • VC Meetings: I love the Beverly Hills Hotel for mid day meetings and I had the best time there this week. I get asked all the time what I wear to business meetings and how you can put together outfits that are professional but are still true to your personal style so I put together the details of how I styled myself! I’m sharing so much more below on how to get a job in VC, my #1 asked question, and why I’m meeting founders on the tennis court for Founding Readers!

  • 7 Day Build Method: ICYMI, my 7 day build method has become an HSR favorite and I LOVE that you all want to do it with me!!! I’m getting ready for busy week with Katie coming to LA and planned all of our meals in advance to stay on track and keep building. Investing in meals is so worth it for me when I know I’m going to be busy.

  • My Biggest Threat: I’m a maker, not a manager. I need protected time for deep focus and creativity and honestly, this has been a serious struggle for me. My calendar is always out of control and this article seriously spoke to me as I figure out how to best protect my time.

  • Female Sports Is the New It Girl: But they’re not getting paid the same. Coming off the heels of Caitlin Clark shattering records in her final season at University of Iowa, she was drafted as the #1 draft pick for the WNBA (and she was a Prada Girl) on a 4 year contract for $338,056. For context, the #1 draft pick for the NBA secured a $55 million 4 year contract. I get there are completely different economics behind the businesses of the WNBA and the NBA but COME ON! It’s honestly insane.

  • Things I loved about pop-culture and brands this week: Amazon is trying to crack Trader Joes and couldn’t be more timely for our book club, even though Caitlin Clark is not getting paid fairly by the WNBA, Nike is stepping up to the plate with an 8-figure deal, and the Beauty Counter founder is buying the brand out of bankruptcy after selling it in 2021 for $1B.

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  • Why I’m so happy I grew up playing tennis and golf

  • My #1 most asked question: a POV on how to get a job in VC and what funds are looking for

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