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Hallelujah! It’s Sunday.
Time for my favorite part of the week, ICYMI!!!

ICYMI ₊♡₊˚ 🍒・₊✧ ₊

  • This week was insane. I announced I officially joined Vanterra Ventures as a Venture Partner and Advisor (more below), went to the Information Summit, sold out of HSR Hats, hosted 2 Chat Circles with the best community ever, filmed Pia Mance’s podcast, had 8+ founder pitches, 2 dates, and tried to not lose my shit. I gotta say, I am overjoyed that I have a community to share this with and can’t thank you enough for your support.

  • I LOVE doing AMA’s on IG (make sure you’re following me @maggiesellers if you’re not already) but I thought I would answer the top 4 questions in longer form questions here.

    • How do I join book club or a chat circle?

      • The place you need to be following me for first access to announcements like this is the @hotsmartrich Instagram! This is my safe space where I can connect with you outside of the newsletter 24/7 and not wait until Sundays. If you’re waiting for your account to be accepted it probably means my team thinks it’s a burner account and to keep me and my mental health safe, I’ve asked that they hold off accepting anyone that doesn’t feel like a real person so if you’re waiting to let in please send us a DM so we know you’re part of the HSR army.

      • The HSR book club’s pick for the month is Becoming Trader Joe. To be apart of it, you just need to buy and read the book. HOWEVER, those that are following the @hotsmartrich IG account will get more specific questions and thought starters as the month progresses. We’re waiting for everyone to receive their books and not get too far ahead but throughout this week and next Sunday, you’ll get more targeted thought starters. We’re debating doing a ticketed book club online meeting but are a little nervous about demand based on the overwhelming (and exciting) amount of sign ups. Let us know below if you would be interested in a $ ticketed event at the end of the month to mix, mingle, and discuss the lessons with the community for non-paid subscribers. Paid subscribers would obviously be able to join as part of their subscription.

      • The HSR chat circles have been SUCH a hit that they are going to continue being announced on the @hotsmartrich IG account. Stay tuned!

    • What is your skin care secrets & Sephora Sale picks

    • How do you manage your money?

      • Some of you asked about how I manage my money and the budget that I shared when I told you not to buy more lipgloss if you already have 4. All of my money management secrets are in The HSR 50-20-20-10 Method!!

    • What is your fitness routine/eating routine? How do you fit in eating and staying in shape when you’re doing so much.

      • Time Poor, Nutrient Rich: being time poor doesn’t mean I have to be nutrient poor too. I’ve been using the 5 Day Methodology Reset Program the week after I travel since the year started and I LOVE that it follows my glucose goddess/ meat diary high-fiber diet and portion-controls out my food (plus it tastes delicious). Use code HSR for 10% off, delivering nationwide in the US.

      • It was also SO cool to see the WSJ shoutout BelliWelli for making Fiber cool and I promise that I don’t ever promote things that I don’t use myself. I’ve been in the secret testing group for BelliWelli’s daily fiber and probiotic for the past 90 days and it’s great to see them get the recognition they deserve. Just a reminder, if you order off of my TikTok Shop, you’ll get a pretty solid discount and shipping that only takes a few days.

  • Things I loved about pop-culture and brands this week: Jen Atkin’s announcing Rachel Gilman as the CEO of her newest commany Mane, BelliWelli making Fiber Sexy, My portfolio company, De Soi, enters Target as part of their permanent section dedicated for Non-Alcoholic Drinks which is crazy news to come the same week non-alcoholic retailer, Boisson, files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to reorganize focus on e-commerce and wholesale. Lastly, I’ve been thinking A LOT as Coachella approaches about if the festival has lost it’s luster and loved this POV in BOF this past week and how Aimee Song (someone I love and respect) is doing the whole influencer brand differently (Hi and a Big Shoutout Vanessa and Aimee if you’re reading this!).

This Week’s Mood Board

if this email was forwarded to you!

A Venture Partner & Advisor At Vanterra Ventures

On Friday, I made one of the biggest announcements of my career (and it’s FOR THE FU***KING GIRLS). I’m officially joining Vanterra Ventures as a Venture Partner and Advisor as I continue to grow and build HSR as a media EMPIRE and HSR Ventures. You can read my full announcement on LinkedIn and see my vulnerablAF Exposure Therapy of the BTS of posting the announcement with Katie that I shared on TikTok.

One of the biggest questions I got from you was what does this mean for HSR Ventures and what is a venture partner? So let’s set the record straight!!

Becoming a Venture Partner at Vanterra is the cherry on top of my HSR Sundae, it’s something I was somewhat unofficially doing and is complimentary to building HSR Ventures. I will still continue to grow and foster HSR Ventures at the early pre-seed to seed stage and make direct investments.

As a Venture Partner and Fund Advisor I am working on an overarching but concentrated scope with Vanterra. I am working with Vanterra across LP / Investor relations, deal sourcing, diligence and portfolio integration and bringing my expertise, network and distribution to the Vanterra engine to further scale our shared focus on investing in women’s health, beauty, mental health, and longevity.

Brining on Venture Partners and Advisors is a very common approach more VC firms are applying as a way to stand out to portfolio companies and potential investors. It is a mutually beneficial relationship where I can connect my founder network in the consumer health space with a fund that can write larger checks at later stages and Vanterra will gain access to my investor and founder network and my startup expertise that can help accelerate growth of existing and new portfolio companies. It will also continue to help me grow and build my credibility as a an early stage VC as I build out my own fund with Katie with HSR Ventures.

I am so excited about this partnership and where it will take HSR! So if you’re a founder or an investor operating in the consumer health space that fits our thesis, please email hi@hsr.ventures.

Cash Poor, Equity Rich

I need your help!! In the last two weeks, the HSR Cash Poor, Equity Rich hats have been flying off the shelves and we are officially SOLD OUT!! I’ve had tons of people DM and leave comments asking if we’re bringing them back and I’m putting it in your hands to let me know if we should bring them back, update the design, or retire them! Let me know what you think by responding to the poll below!!

TYSM, I♡U!!!!

To enter this week's giveaway from the HSR PR closet, comment on this video with a ✨ emoji and what VC barbie should buy to celebrate her milestone (it’ll make sense when you watch the video)!! Unlimited entries count!

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This week I’m sharing:

  • Cash Poor, Equity Rich: My POV on negotiating your equity compensation and options at a startup. This is a VERY LONG rundown with an example of being granted options at a a Series A company. This is your negotiation best friend.

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